Friday, August 19, 2011

High School Senior Pictures {Cecil County}

I am so happy to be working with this girl this year as my Senior Class Rep for Class of 2012.  We went to a local park, with a lot of charm and endless possibilities.  We had a blast taking pictures and exploring the grounds.  This was my second Senior Shoot, and I fell in love even more with doing this.  The thing I love about working with High School Seniors is that they are up for anything.  They are at that exciting time in their lives, where the world is changing all around them and there is so much ahead of them.  I get so excited for them, and want to capture that in the pictures that will represent this time of their lives.  Here are just a sampling of the shots we took.  She is so beautiful in all the pictures we took.  


  1. These are awesome Brittany! She is gorgeous!!!

  2. I love these! Ok so I pretty much love everything you do, but I really do love how naturally beautiful she is in these!